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  • Very good tour with very good driver. Nice lunch. Atanas (Bulgaria)
  • Porto in a very different and personal way to see.
    Luísa Sampaio, Brasil
  • This is a fantastic service. The Douro Valley Tour is a MUST.
    Michelle Dolores Peña, San Fransisco, US

Porto, Portugal

The Portuguese city of Porto is best known for two things: its river, the Douro, and its Port Wine. But the historic hillside city itself should not be overlooked. One of the oldest cities in Europe, its maze of steep and narrow cobbled streets is home to beautiful plazas, churches and houses with colourfully tiled façades. Outside the historic heart, the city has witnessed a renaissance, its seaside suburbs increasingly home to world-class contemporary architecture and cuisine.

“From its stunning Beaux-Arts station to its cool bars serving Porto’s signature drink, this charming city combines the best of old and new.” – Nell McShane Wolfhart, The New York Times

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